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Grape Planting Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) Fertilizer

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As a grape planting fertilizergypsum has the following effects:


(1) It is the first selection of calcium source in grape growing. The content of calcium in gypsum is 20-23%, sulfur content is 16-18%.It is a good source of calcium and sulfur in crop growing and its utilization is high. Calcium is a necessary factor to keep the hardness of grapes berries. The lack of calcium in grape fruit special in the peel will lead to flesh browning and rotting fruit from grain and other bad phenomenon. Grape is planted in rich calcium soil, sugar content of fruit is high and fragrant. Lack of sulfur in the soil will result in low production and using gypsum will improve it.


(2) Gypsum can improve the soil and it is beneficial to grape crops growing. Grapes like gravelly soil with good drainage ventilation, too sticky qualitative soil don’t suit for grape growth and development. But the addition of gypsum can improve this kind of soil. When gypsum spread to soil, sodium in clay particle was replaced by calcium ion in gypsum, the clay particle become big and the pore space increases. Surface water and air are easier to infiltrate the root zone. Therefore, grape crops grow better.


(3) Adjust PH value of soil. Mixing gypsum with alkaline soil, gypsum and sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate in soil solution start chemical reaction and generate the neutral sodium sulfate. So that the alkaline in soil become weaken but improve the soil microbial activity and the content of organic matter.


(4) A typical application ratio is 2.5-10.0tons per hectare.


Grape gypsum (calcium sulfate) fertilizer use high-quality fiber gypsum as raw material and is ground the appropriate fineness, especially suitable for grape planting in the process of fertilizer added.


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